My favourite season is summer. That’s what I think anyway. I continue to tell myself it is, purely for the heat and the joy I get from sunny days. But I have an inkling I’m lying even to myself…. My favourite season is summer because of heat and sunshine? Really? Though they do make me smile, that doesn’t seem like enough to constitute “favourite”, does it?

Why not autumn, the season of our nation’s capital? A mild breeze, rays of sun mystically reaching through the colour-changing foliage, the smell of crisp leaves, the crunch under your step, the slow creep of frost into the air. Such magic every day….. Until the leaves get too soggy and start to rot, the frost starts to move past your breath and under your jacket, the beautiful foliage has become a near barren treescape.

It’s true I can’t stand the cold, have never actually been to the snow but have experienced the winds from the Brindabellas and Snowy Mountains. It has snowed in my backyard, but not anything that could settle. I’m ok with that. With a skin complexion reminiscent of wee Bonnie Prince Charlie, it’s a wonder I don’t prefer the gloomy, rainy, overcast days. I will admit that snowy peaks can look pretty, and frost covered grass across a field or sports oval can be quite a sight, but feeling my bones and body age 60 years in the space of five minutes is not something I enjoy. Footy season and the excuse to sit inside with a beer is about all I gain from winter!

Then there’s spring…… The ever romantic season, so loved by poets and Impressionists the world over. That which has an Athenian or Roman feel: something otherworldly, ancient and mythic. I have to admit I do love the “metamorphosis” season for the symbolism of new beginnings and rebirths. I adore the awakening of flowers, bees and new tree life. Enjoy the (slow) change of weather from cold to cool and onto warm. The smell of freshly cut grass sends my senses soaring. Yet it lacks the certainty of good weather, the spirit of cricket, the Sunday sessions, Christmas songs, BBQ’s and beach days….

Maybe summer is my favourite season after all?


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