The Beginning…..

They say change is the only real constant in life. In my experience that is solid truth.

I am fortunate enough to have been born in a country without war, famine or political aggression. My mother and father (we’ll return to them at a later date), brother and extended family love me and want only the best for me. I have the right to choose a religion, gender identity, political persuasion and whether and to whom I am to be married or not. So, when you put the world in perspective, the changes I have experienced are no big deal.

Yet, at the same time, they are. Though it is good to be aware and thoughtful of the environments and plights of our worldly neighbours, making your own life minimal or trivial in comparison is like comparing oranges and feet. Even in our world of commerce and self-interest and consumerism, we do matter. Therefore the struggles and heartaches and fits of laughter that we encounter matter also.

I could give you a life story of change but instead will share snippets. Some extreme; others inane; all relevant. I want to open up a dialogue where it is ok for humans to be humans. Somewhere the word “community” still exists. In the spirit of embracing change, I open this conversation here, the blogosphere. Will you join me?


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