When assessments are fun

To be completely honest with you, if you’re still out there, dear reader, I entered the blogosphere for an assignment. Almost each of these “entries” has, thus far, been written in diary form on Word. Through my research of other blogs and layouts, I stumbled across a godsend, a shining ray of light in the form of Design for Mankind. This glorious blog was recommended by another I had found in my random Google search of ‘life blogs’ (I like a challenge), Gimme Some Oven. Though GSO seemed to be my kind of blog (?!), it was the *right-click-open-in-new-tab* action that brought me to the incredible voice of Erin Loechner.

Her entry sitting at the top of her page from the 9th March called to me instantly:
Blogging Tips. Hazzah! The very thing I had been looking for. Boy did I find that life raft in time; I had started to doubt I actually knew what I was doing. Reading her words calmed me greatly. She renewed my faith in my abilities, in my choice of a blog. I was encouraged to not let boundaries of what “should” or “shouldn’t” affect me. She lifted the confusion of “but aren’t I supposed to write about something important” (she says ‘no’ by the way). She inspired me to keep writing for me, for the sake of it, for the love of it. The inner Franzen in me kicked its heels together upon reading that. Besides, wasn’t it the great novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie herself who fictionalised a blog in order to help better “Westernise” her story of Americanah?

So here I sit, feverishly typing as I struggle to hold back the ideas I have pouring out of my brain onto the page. Until just recently, I had felt my writing abilities had all but gone. Perhaps I just required a new muse; a change in location to give me a renewed fever of creativity? I do enjoy the sight as I turn the corner onto Gilbert St of a morning; the skyline of the Melbourne CBD in the near distance. I feel I can almost reach out and touch the silvery windows of the towers from here. Instead, I take a deep breath, smile, and know that I am where I ought to be; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and, about time, creatively.

Erin can be found at Design For Mankind – http://designformankind.com/


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