Return to Wonderland

It has taken a lot of overthinking and conquering of fear in order for me to return to studies as a mature(ish) aged student. True, I had returned in 2012 to begin my process, and if I hadn’t done that I would never have learned the important things that I did about myself. The fact I didn’t complete everything required does not speak of my character, I attended every class, I made friends and had great feedback and response from teachers. It rather speaks of the fact it was not the right time in my life and I needed to face some things and learn a lot about how I work as a human being in order to continue on that path. Continue reading “Return to Wonderland”


Breathing music – part I

I have a generic “about me” entry on my social media accounts, not that I have many accounts. It basically states how my life is a musical and how I will not only have a song in my head all the time but if there’s static then I inevitably create one. You should hear my ‘washing dishes’ song; classic. But knowing this, I’m sure it won’t shock you to find I have created a playlist to suit most any and every mood and emotion. Yet, I find music can so easily change my state of emotive response, even if for a moment, so does that make my playlists redundant?

Music has always been a key part of my life. Continue reading “Breathing music – part I”

When assessments are fun

To be completely honest with you, if you’re still out there, dear reader, I entered the blogosphere for an assignment. Almost each of these “entries” has, thus far, been written in diary form on Word. Through my research of other blogs and layouts, I stumbled across a godsend, a shining ray of light in the form of Design for Mankind. This glorious blog was recommended by another I had found in my random Google search of ‘life blogs’ (I like a challenge), Gimme Some Oven. Though GSO seemed to be my kind of blog (?!), it was the *right-click-open-in-new-tab* action that brought me to the incredible voice of Erin Loechner.

Her entry sitting at the top of her page from the 9th March called to me instantly:
Blogging Tips. Hazzah! The very thing I had been looking for. Boy did I find that life raft in time; I had started to doubt I actually knew what I was doing. Reading her words calmed me greatly. Continue reading “When assessments are fun”