City vs Country

It strikes me as odd that a girl from the country can be so comfortable in the city. I mean, anyone who thinks Canberra as a ‘city’ is deluded, because it’s really just a large country town. But that’s not what I mean about being a country girl.

I was born in a small town on the Murray River, where the river red gums stand tall and proud and the Murray cod are only good for fertiliser or yabby bait. Continue reading “City vs Country”


Breathing music – part I

I have a generic “about me” entry on my social media accounts, not that I have many accounts. It basically states how my life is a musical and how I will not only have a song in my head all the time but if there’s static then I inevitably create one. You should hear my ‘washing dishes’ song; classic. But knowing this, I’m sure it won’t shock you to find I have created a playlist to suit most any and every mood and emotion. Yet, I find music can so easily change my state of emotive response, even if for a moment, so does that make my playlists redundant?

Music has always been a key part of my life. Continue reading “Breathing music – part I”

When assessments are fun

To be completely honest with you, if you’re still out there, dear reader, I entered the blogosphere for an assignment. Almost each of these “entries” has, thus far, been written in diary form on Word. Through my research of other blogs and layouts, I stumbled across a godsend, a shining ray of light in the form of Design for Mankind. This glorious blog was recommended by another I had found in my random Google search of ‘life blogs’ (I like a challenge), Gimme Some Oven. Though GSO seemed to be my kind of blog (?!), it was the *right-click-open-in-new-tab* action that brought me to the incredible voice of Erin Loechner.

Her entry sitting at the top of her page from the 9th March called to me instantly:
Blogging Tips. Hazzah! The very thing I had been looking for. Boy did I find that life raft in time; I had started to doubt I actually knew what I was doing. Reading her words calmed me greatly. Continue reading “When assessments are fun”

Text to Screen

I love books and I love movies. I can get equal enjoyment out of them and can be a bit of a culture snob when it comes to what I think is worth my time. It seems every second movie released in the last decade has been a book adaptation. Whoever thought that word “adaptation/adapted” could make one so fearful. I can count on one hand the movies I have seen that have done their adapted stories justice. Some of these are among my favourite books, including Like Water for Chocolate, L.A Confidential, Sherlock Holmes (though I prefer the most recent BBC series best), The Secret Life of Bees, but to name a very few… OK, maybe on two hands.

However, far too many have fallen flat. Continue reading “Text to Screen”